Title Author Year Publication type
BSP and Its Members Biology Scholars Program Staff 2020 Research Brief
Creating an Equity-Minded Classroom in Transfer-Level Mathematics Sophia Lee 2019 Presentation
Building Capacity for Inclusive Excellence for Community College Transfer Students Tracy Johnson 2019 Presentation
Humanizing Online STEM Courses Michelle Pacansky-Brock; Sarah Williams; Mike Smedshammer; Brent Wedge; Kim Vincent-Layton; Jeffrey White; Di Xu 2019 Presentation
Embedded Academic Support Michael Dennin 2019 Presentation
2019 STEM Equity Conference Keynote Address David Asai 2019 Presentation
Think Differently, Think 'Program 2.0' Disrupt, not Replicate to Diversify STEM John Matsui 2019 Presentation
STEM Gateway Courses Panel: Sherri Gallipeau Sherri Gallipeau 2019 Presentation
The Better Book Approach to Closing Equity Gaps in STEM Jim Stigler 2019 Presentation
Refocusing Undergraduate Science Education Carlos G. Gutiérrez 2019 Presentation
A Longitudinal Study of the Biology Scholars Program: Maintaining Student Integration and Intention to Persist in Science Career Pathways Mica Estrada; Andrew Eppig; Lilibeth Flores; John Matsui 2019 Journal Publication
“Outsiders at the Table”—Diversity Lessons from the Biology Scholars Program at the University of California, Berkeley John T. Matsui 2018 Journal Publication
The Influence of Affirming Kindness and Community on Broadening Participation in STEM Career Pathways Mica Estrada; Alegra Eroy-Reveles; John Matsui 2018 Journal Publication
Expanding Undergraduate Success in STEM Conference Part I John Matsui 2017 Presentation
Expanding Undergraduate Success in STEM Conference Part II John Matsui 2017 Presentation
That None Shall Perish: Expanding Undergraduate Success in STEM Part I Kelly Mack 2017 Presentation
That None Shall Perish: Expanding Undergraduate Success in STEM Part II Kelly Mack 2017 Presentation
Why Does BSP Work? The Gift It Forward Study & Lessons for Institutional Change Mica Estrada; Lilibeth Flores Watson 2017 Presentation
Evaluating a Science Diversity Program at UC Berkeley: More Questions Than Answers John Matsui; Roger Liu; Caroline M. Kane 2017 Journal Publication
Campus Climate in a Major Advising Context Andrew Eppig 2016 Presentation
Examining the Power of Community to Increase Persistence in Science Mica Estrada; Lilibeth Flores Watson 2016 Presentation
Berkeley STEM Equity & Inclusion Initiative Shaila Kotadia 2016 Presentation
Improving Underrepresented Minority Student Persistence in STEM Mica Estrada; Myra Burnett; Andrew G. Campbell; Patricia B. Campbell; Wilfred F. Denetclaw; Carlos G. Gutiérrez; Sylvia Hurtado; Gilbert H. John; John Matsui; Richard McGee; Camellia Moses Okpodu; T. Joan Robinson; Michael F. Summers; Maggie Werner-Washburne; MariaElena Zavala 2016 Journal Publication
Understanding why programs work: Cultivating psycho-social stability and integration Mica Estrada; Lilibeth Flores Watson 2015 Presentation
Expanding Undergraduate Success in Biology John Matsui 2015 Presentation
STEM Undergraduate Education: Increasing Diversity & Productivity Sylvia Hurtado 2015 Presentation
Minority Retention Rates in Science Are Sore Spot for Most Universities Robert Koenig 2009 Journal Publication
Chemistry courses as the turning point for premedical students Donald A. Barr; John Matsui; Stanley F. Wanat; Maria Elena Gonzalez 2009 Journal Publication
THE "TURNING POINT" FOR MINORITY PRE-MEDS: The Effect of Early Undergraduate Experience in the Sciences on Aspirations to Enter Medical School of Minority Students at UC Berkeley and Stanford University Donald A. Barr; John Matsui 2008 Journal Publication