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Only together can we create an academic culture where differences are welcomed, education is accessible to everyone, and every student can thrive during their undergraduate education and beyond.  

Your investment will be paid forward many times over through our students' work as future health care professionals, scientists, policymakers, and leaders. No gift is too small. 

Photo credit: BSP alumni Marissa Vadi MD, MPH, and Mathew Malkin, MD during their residency programs. They are now associate professors at the UC Davis School of Medicine. Vadi graduated from UC Berkeley in 2001 with a Molecular & Cell Biology (Cell & Developmental Biology emphasis) degree. Malkin received his Integrative Biology degree from UC Berkeley in 2000.

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Provide resources and academic materials for BSP members with a gift of $10 or more.

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Provide research materials for an undergraduate researcher for one year with a gift of $500 or more.

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Fund the conference travel costs for an undergraduate researcher with a gift of $1,000 or more.

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Support the salary of one Peer Advisor for a semester with a gift of $2,500 or more.


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Support one BSP Study Group for an undergraduate science course for an entire academic year with a gift of $5,000 or more.