Apply to BSP

The application for Spring 2024 has closed. Stay tuned for details on the next application cycle!

The Biology Scholars Program is open to all UC Berkeley undergraduates who have a passion for science and are committed to leadership and making a difference in the world. 

Most BSP members are biology majors. Some are in other STEM majors (e.g., Chemistry, Math), yet others are in non-STEM fields (e.g., Social Welfare, Ethnic Studies). All have the intention to pursue biology-related careers (e.g., medicine, environmental policy). 

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) courses and majors at Cal can be highly competitive, even cutthroat. An environment where students feel like "just a number." The BSP instead provides a community of scholars that stresses both academic excellence and collaboration, a program where individuals are committed to their own success as well as the success of one another. 

The high rate of BSP members going on to professional and graduate school results from:

  1. individualized plans for success tailored for each member's academic success
  2. the mutual support of a community of scholars with shared passions, challenges, and goals.

The BSP regularly admits new members during an open application period. Read on to learn more and consider becoming a BSP member.

Member Requirements

A critical feature of BSP is the active participation of its members in support of each other’s success. Some specific membership requirements are listed below, representing a baseline minimum expectation for participation. BSP members contribute to the community in a myriad of ways not listed here, both large and small, from tutoring their peers to making new students feel welcome.

Members often say “you get out of BSP what you put into it.” This aligns with our observation that the most active and engaged BSP members often have the best long-term success in achieving their goals. We ask that all members consider how they can use their unique strengths, skills, ideas, and interests to contribute to the BSP community.

Minimum BSP Member Requirements:

  • Attend the New Student Orientation (1.5 hours) upon admission to the program.
  • Attend an introductory Advisory Meeting with a BSP Advisor once accepted into the program. 
  • Complete John Matsui’s Fall 1-unit course, IB C96, and Spring 2-unit course, MCB 15, within their first two years of BSP membership.
  • Help maintain and clean BSP's physical and digital spaces.
  • Follow all rules regarding the protection and maintenance of BSP resources and facilities.
  • Promptly respond to any communications and surveys from BSP staff during their undergraduate years and after graduation from Cal.

Ready to join the BSP community? Stay tuned for updates on our application cycle!

— Oski Bear