BSP Faculty Advisory Committee

The BSP Faculty Advisory Committee serves as a liaison between University faculty and the staff of the Biology Scholars Program. They perform the following duties:

  • Provides recommendations and advice for the good of the BSP

  • Acts as a resource for conceiving, developing, and implementing new projects

  • Builds new and maintains relationships between campus educators and administration, and the program.

I am committed to help BSP create a community that values diversity and creates equal opportunities for all trainees to succeed in Biology at Cal!
Diana Bautista
I am pleased to serve on the Advisory Board and support BSP because I have seen first-hand how students thrive in the program.
George Bentley
BSP has had an incredible impact on our campus by supporting diversity, promoting equity and inclusion and creating a sense of belonging in its members.
tyrone B hayes
I have long admired [BSP] as a successful model for attracting students, especially those from under-served groups, to research in the biological sciences.
Marvalee Wake