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Inclusive Excellence in STEM education

Background image: BSP members posing for a group photo on the UC Berkeley campus.

At the Biology Scholars Program, we work side-by-side with students to access their untapped talent and create their academic and career blueprints.

Our wrap-around multi-pronged approach includes student-centered mentoring, teaching, and alliance. Members belong to an inclusive community and environment that is the cornerstone of a rewarding and full college experience for all students, regardless of their backgrounds. 

In the Spotlight

Headshot of Laura Ocumen

"My BSP 6-word story is: Supporting each other by celebrating differences.

— Lara Ocumen | Class of 2021, Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB)

During her final year at Cal, Lara worked on her senior honors thesis in the SENse lab under the direction of MCB Professor Diana Bautista. She used Ca2+ imaging to investigate the putative ion channel 3A encoded by SARS-CoV-2. She also helped pilot the BSP's "How I Study For" or "HIS4" Workshop series, which allowed more seasoned upperclassmen to share study tips with the rest of the BSP community. 

As a first-generation immigrant from the Phillippines, her personal goals have always been rooted in the values of community service, advocacy, and cultural humility. She aspires to become a physician and serve marginalized populations to both satisfy her intellectual curiosity and give back to the community.

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