Samantha Tapia

Samantha Tapia
Public Health Major

MCB 102 Study Group Leader

Why do you tutor for BSP?

During my time at UC Berkeley, the Biology Scholars Program has been one of the most supportive academic spaces I have been part of. Their study groups gave me the opportunity to speak up without fear of judgment and introduced me to individuals who were willing to share how they navigated my future courses.

Now that I am approaching my last year at Cal, I am excited to give back to my community by leading the BSP Biochemistry study group as one of the tutors. I hope to be a source of support during any of the rough bumps throughout the course. Of course, I also hope to be part of the exciting learning moments for students taking biochemistry. Finally, I see this as an opportunity to meet and get to know new BSPers!

What is your favorite class so far?

My favorite class so far would have to be ‘PH 196: Introduction to Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health’. As a Public Health major with an interest in MCAH and Medicine, I found that this course was the perfect combination of all my interests. We learned about the intersections of maternal and familial health within the medical system and different communities. The course hosted many guest speakers throughout the semester, allowing me the opportunity to meet professionals in medicine, academia, and community health. One speaker who I remember in particular was Professor Prata, as I consider listening to her presentation on her work in addressing maternal mortality in different areas across the world to be the academic highlight of my semester.