Tushita Wadhawan

Tushita Wadhawan
Nutritional Science (Physiology & Metabolism) Major

Chem 1A Study Group Leader

Why do you tutor for BSP?

I did not know how to navigate Cal when I entered as a freshman, let alone all the weeder courses that I had to take. Taking on Chem 1A after taking a prepatory class still proved to be difficult. I had to adjust my studying methods and figure out what works best for me. The BSP chem 1A study group became one of the most helpful resources and helped me navigate the course through reviewing materials, asking a ton of questions, and meeting other BSPers. I wish to give back to my community that helped me succeed by sharing my knowledge, experiences, and skills that have allowed me to succeed at Cal. I want to motivate and remind my students that they have tremendous potential to succeed regardless of their starting point. I want Chem 1A study group to be a safe space for students paving their path to success in Chem 1A and beyond.

What is your favorite class so far?

My favorite class has been Bio 1A and Physics 8A. Bio 1A is so applicable to everyday life; I thoroughly enjoyed the physiology unit of the course. In addition, Physics 8A is one of the more interesting and applicable courses. I still think about static friction as I make a turn on my scooter.