Natalie Miramontes

Natalie Miramontes
Public Health Major

Bio 1B Study Group Leader

Why do you tutor for BSP?

During my first year at Cal, I struggled a lot with my self-confidence as a scholar and with handling the structure and rigor of lower-division STEM courses. BSP showed me that I wasn’t alone in this experience. After joining BSP, I found a safe space and an extremely compassionate and supportive community of peers and advisors who have not only provided me with the tools and skills in order to succeed at Cal but who have also helped me conquer many of my fears and turn them into motivation. BSP study groups have especially been really helpful in supporting me through many of my past science classes. As someone who hadn’t taken a biology class at Berkeley before, the Bio 1B BSP study group was a great space for me to review the information covered in lectures, test my understanding, and get to know my fellow BSPers. BSP has been such a light throughout my time at Cal in all aspects and tutoring is a way for me to give back and help other students in their journey of pursuing higher education. I know that Biology 1B can be a difficult course especially in terms of the amount of content covered in each class. However, I also believe that everyone has the potential to do exceptionally well in this class. I hope to help foster a welcoming environment where students feel supported and where they are constantly reminded that they are not alone, that it’s okay to reach out and ask for help, and most importantly, that they belong in STEM or any path they choose to pursue.

What is your favorite class so far?

My favorite class so far has been Introduction to Sociology or Sociology 1 with Professor Swidler. Professor Swidler is so passionate and knowledgeable about the subject and she creates a safe haven for students to freely discuss any ideas they may have. What I loved about taking this class was the ability to not only explore but also understand the meaning of concepts like racism, oppression, stigma, among others. This class really brought a whole new sense of awareness in regards to my perspective towards life and towards injustices occurring everyday. After taking the class, I was able to look at the society in which I live through a more objective lens.