Estefany Vasquez Barrios

Estefany Vasquez Barrios
Molecular and Cell Biology Major

Bio 1A Study Group Leader

Why do you tutor for BSP?

BSP has been a great resource in my time here at Cal. It has been the place where I have found a community and friends that have inspired me to continue my career in STEM. I remember the first lower-division classes that I had to take and I was scared because they were known to be some of the most difficult classes for pre-med students. One of those classes is Biology 1A. This class can be challenging due to the material and the phase of teaching, but the Bio1A study group was a resource that helped me understand the material of the course. I know that this class can be challenging, but I hope that as a tutor I can provide the support that students need to succeed in this class.

What is your favorite class so far?

My favorite class so far is MCB 160 - Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology. This class goes into depth on how our brain develops, and the molecular pathways in which neurons are specifically connected for the appropriate function of our brain. It was really interesting to see the details of our nervous system and how this starts at the molecular level. Although this course has a lot of material, it is a really great introduction to neurobiology which also helped me to understand the basis of neurological diseases like Parkison’s or Alzheimer’s disease.