Aakash Reddy

Aakash Reddy
Public Health Major

Data 8 Study Group Leader

Why do you tutor for BSP?

Data 8 was the very first class I took at Cal in the summer before the start of my Freshman year. Tackling it fresh out of high school was challenging due to its crazy fast pace, requiring a different approach to studying involving group-based learning, which was difficult as I really didn't know too many people at the time. However, joining the BSP changed that. Here, I encountered peers who shared similar experiences, particularly those majoring in Public Health who, like me, had to navigate the distinct demands of Data 8 alongside their core coursework. Knowing what I know now, I'm inspired to contribute back to the BSP community that has provided me with invaluable support in other study groups. I aspire to enhance the tools and resources available within BSP to aid your success in Data 8 and help you advance your proficiency in data science beyond the course.

What is your favorite class so far?

One of my favorite classes has been CIVENG C88, Data Science to Smart Cities, which expands into the intersection of data science and urban infrastructure. It changed my view on how cities handle adverse challenges, from surging populations to resource limitations and infectious disease outbreaks, and the role of data-driven solutions in addressing these multifaceted issues. Exploring skills like network analysis and predictive modeling has been eye-opening, as they've revealed the art of crafting a unique story from any given dataset.