Prospective Students

Our Spring 2019 Application is Now Closed

Please check back for future dates.

Using a written application and interviews we look for the following in our prospective members:

1) "distance traveled" - barriers and challenges they have negotiated,

2) passion for science, and

3) demonstrated commitment to service.

We use SATs and GPAs not as a threshold to include/exclude students but as a way to discuss an applicant's life circumstances. Measures of strength may also include a candidate's resilience, persistence, authenticity, willingness to seek and give help, and ability to re-strategize and re-group in the face of failure.

BSP membership is highly competitive. We recommend that serious candidates begin the application process early. Students not accepted are always welcome to submit an application for the following cycle. Please email any questions to

Member Requirements

A critical feature of BSP is the active participation of its members in support of each other’s success. Some specific membership requirements are listed below, representing a baseline minimum expectation for participation. BSP members contribute to the community in a myriad of ways not listed here, both large and small, from tutoring their peers to making new students feel welcome.

Members often say “you get out of BSP what you put into it.” This aligns with our observation that the most active and engaged BSP members often have the best long-term success in achieving their goals. We ask that all members consider how they can use their unique strengths, skills, ideas, and interests to contribute to the BSP community.

Minimum BSP Member Requirements:

  • Attend the All Student Meeting (1/2 day on a Saturday) at the beginning of every Fall and Spring Semester.
  • Meet with an advisor at least once per semester in their first year in BSP.
  • Complete John Matsui’s Fall 1-unit course, IB C96, and Spring 2-unit course, MCB 15, within their first two years of BSP membership.
  • Help clean and maintain the student room during use and when selected randomly for a group clean-up.
  • Follow all rules regarding the protection and maintenance of BSP resources and facilities.
  • Promptly respond to any communications and surveys from BSP staff during their undergraduate years and after graduation from Cal.