Brook Yu

Program Administrator

I knew that I wanted to work in education when I graduated from Cal as an English Major, but was not sure in what capacity. After graduating, I saved up and went backpacking for 6 months around Asia and then moved to Glasgow, Scotland. I started working higher education in Glasgow, and through moving around different positions, I discovered a love of working in programs that made access to higher education more equitable and fair for students from all backgrounds. I worked for programs that bridged the gap between college and university as well as conducting research within an admissions office, and learned about how narrowly success can be defined in the admissions process. During my time in Scotland, I earned a Masters Degree in Lifelong Learning and Development.

BSP's work is close to my heart. As a first generation college student, I was left to navigate the university world on my own, and remember how confusing, exhilarating, and chaotic it felt. It is exciting to be part of a program that allows me to exercise different skills and experience I've gained to contribute to the community. Please feel free to come by any time to find out more about me or to take a break. 



(510) 643-4746
2075 Valley Life Sciences Building