BSP is a "strength-based" community of scholars.

Although we recognize the very real needs of students, we believe that selecting members based on their strengths (potential to contribute to the BSP community and society) rather than their need for support (e.g., financial and academic challenges), has resulted in a BSP culture where individual student success and mutual support of one another go hand in hand.

In order to extend our support beyond BSP, we offer the following courses to ALL UC Berkeley students. BSP membership is NOT a requirement.  Please read the descriptions on the right for more information. If you would like to enroll in one of the courses, simply attend the first day of class for further enrollment instructions.

See you in class!

Please note that both courses are open to ALL UC Berkeley students. Students do NOT need to be a BSP member to enroll. We highlighy encourage students interested in joining our program to take these courses.

To enroll:

Attend the first day of class where you will be given the enrollment codes. You will not be able to enroll before attending the first day.

MCB C96: Studying the Biological Sciences

Two hours of lecture per week. Must be taken on a passed/not passed basis. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. You will be introduced to the "culture" of the University and university science, along with an in-depth orientation to academic life and majoring in biology specifically, and STEM generally. You will learn concepts, skills, and information that you can use in your current major courses and research labs, as well as in future science-related careers. The course is cross-listed as Plant and Microbial Biology C96 and Integrative Biology C96, and is required for students in the Biology Scholars Program. (Fall, 1 unit)

MCB 15: Current Topics in the Biological Sciences

Two hours of lecture and one of discussion per week. Prerequisites: Suitable for students who plan to major in biological science and/or for those wanting to better engage the public in science. Students in this course will critically examine the culture of science along with the cultural, social, and technological challenges to close this gap. Designing and evaluating “good” questions and developing the language and inter-cultural/inter-disciplinary understandings that will help us close the gaps will be stressed. This course is required for students in the Biology Scholars Program and may be repeated for credit as topic varies. (Spring, 2 units)