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BSP Projects

International House

Expanding Undergraduate Success in STEM (EUSS) Conferences

A series of conferences aimed at improving STEM education on campus by focusing on teaching, mentoring and advising. Faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students as well as outside partners have worked together for the last three years resulting in a wide community of like-minded individuals at UCB. The next conference is set for Spring 2019, please stay tuned for updates.

Student holding sign that reads "BSP is...defying the statistics together"

Gift it Forward Study

The Gift it Forward study began in 2014 to better understand the “BSP Effect” by longitudinally tracking psychological variables associated with STEM persistence – including science efficacy, identity and values – which is to not only understand if the program works, but “why” it works. The study tracks the impact that participation and community has on student persistence through utilizing quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Universities like UC Berkeley are set up in a way that best supports students from backgrounds similar to those who've been historically successful. I was looking to fill the gaps, to create the support that was missing at Berkeley in order to better serve the students that no one really expected to survive or succeed in science. I saw a lot of talent being wasted, so, like Billy Beane of the Oakland Athletics, I went looking for that "undervalued talent" - students with the potential to be scholars.
John Matsui, Co-Founder and Director of the Biology Scholars Program