Valeria Spall, Administrative Assistant

Valeria Spall, Administrative Assistant

2075 Valley Life Sciences Building

(510) 643-5828


Hello everyone!

My name is Valeria, and I am incredibly honored to join the Biology Scholars Program as your new Administrative Assistant!!!

I am originally from Kyrgyzstan, a Post-Soviet country in Central Asia.  A fun fact: I was born the day after the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic declared independence from the USSR on August 31st, 1991. Growing up during the dissolution of the Soviet Union was incredibly difficult as my family and pretty much everybody around me became instantly impoverished and desperate. Minority of people took advantage of the emerging market economy and enriched themselves by stealing communal goods and selling them abroad, while majority suffered from losing jobs and escalating economic decline. Consequently, the increasing class inequality led to bitterness and alienation. However, growing up in an economically disadvantaged environment made me appreciate nonmaterial things and value solidarity of our multiethnic community.

I came to the United States in 2010 both to study science and flee the lack of opportunity at home. I have been very privileged to get a B.A. degree in biopsychology from Mills College. Mills has given me an immense amount of support and exposure to the research. While working on my undergraduate degree, I became passionate about genetics and neurobiology, which I hope to pursue in my future studies. Outside of professional interests, I like to read progressive political books, engage in political actions, organize movie nights for friends, and go hiking with my partner and our dog!

I am extremely excited to be of use for the biology scholar students, and please don’t ever hesitate to stop by 2075 Room in VLSB if you need help or somebody to talk to.

I am here for you!!!


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