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  • Provide research opportunities for BSP students will little to no research experience

  • Increase the number of students participating in research from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM.However, all qualified undergraduates are encouraged to apply and will be equally considered

  • Provide financial support to students for whom financial support would enhance their ability to participate in research

  • Provide these researchers with support outside of lab via advising/mentoring provided by BSP staff and peers

  • Enhance interaction among biology researchers in BSP

Top candidates will be interested in learning about a research laboratory, research careers, asking questions at the bench, and learning how to effectively use the scientific method to investigate a biological problem.



The 2016-17 academic year PER program will run through both semesters. The financial support includes a stipend of $2000 and a $125 lab supply award and $500 travel award per semester. Please note that PER may affect your financial aid package. Students who are selected to participate in the program will be required to meet with a financial aid advisor to understand how, if at all, this funding may impact their financial aid package. We encourage you to complete the application. If you are selected to participate in the program, BSP staff may reach out to you to determine a payment plan that may not impact your financial aid package.

Participants are required to do research in a laboratory for 10 hours/week during the semester, attend all meetings, at least 5 workshops/seminars throughout the semester, meet with the BSP Research Coordinator at least twice per semester, complete a mid-year evaluation and to present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Spring Semester.



  • Continuing Berkeley student with an overall GPA of at least 2.7

  • Currently enrolled BSP student

  • Priority given to students with little to no research experience

  • Preference for students who have at least one more year left at Cal

  • An interest in pursuing research-related career in some aspect of the biological science

  • Students from all majors welcome



  1. Applicants will select up to four mentors of interest in their application

  2. Applications will be reviewed by BSP staff for fit with the program

  3. Applications of selected candidates will be sent to mentors

  4. Mentors will set up interviews with applicants of interest

  5. Mentors and applicants will submit their rankings to BSP

  6. BSP will use rankings to match students with mentors based on shared interest


How to Apply:

  • Review the project descriptions.

  • If you find a project/lab that interests you- go to the faculty member’s website to learn more about their research

  • Create a ranked list of up to 4 projects that interest you. Be sure to keep track of the project name.

  • Complete the electronic application here by 8 am August 2, 2016. Be sure to follow all instructions


Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

Awardees will be notified before the beginning of the semester. Laboratory mentors of awardees will also be notified once the award is accepted.


FUNDING SOURCE:This program is supported by generous donations to the Biology Scholars Program and theDean of The College of Natural Resources, J. Keith Gilless

Questions? Check this out

For further information, please contact Sabriya N. Rosemond, Ph.D., 510-643-4746.