BFP Academic Year FAQ

Q: Can I get research units and participate in this program at the same time?

A: You cannot get research for units for the same research hours you are being paid for through this funding (10 hours a week). Please discuss this with the BSP Research Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

Q: Can I participate in BFP and complete an honors thesis?

A: As this is largely dependent on department/program rules, please be sure to check if you can receive financial compensation for your honors thesis work with an advisor in that department. 

Q: I am already getting paid to do research in the lab- can I still get funded?

A: Yes, but only if the hours you are working as part of the program are in ADDITION to your paid hours. That is, you cannot be compensated twice for the same effort. However, this funding  is intended to provide support for students who would otherwise NOT be able to afford to engage significantly in research. Generally, this means that it is intended to assist students who have no alternative means of support for research. We have access to campus HR data and can verify your appointment, so you must mention all your employment activities.

Q: Am I required to report all my employed / paid commitments?

A: Yes. You are required to report all of your employment. We need to accurately verify that you are employed under the standards of the university policies.

Q: I have an off campus job during the semester. Can I keep my job and receive this funding?

A: Yes. As long as you are meeting the program requirements, which include working in the lab at least 10 hours a week, attending required meetings and workshops, and organizing and presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Q: I am not a UC Berkeley Student. Can I apply for the program?

A: No. You must be an enrolled student at UC Berkeley to be eligible for the program. There are no exceptions.

Q: I'm graduating Fall 2016, am I still eligible to participate in BFP?

A: Yes, you are still elegible to participate if you graduate before the end of the academic year however, you will not be able to recieve funding after you graduate. 

Q: I am not a member of the Biology Scholars Program. Can I apply for the program?

A: Yes, this program is open to undergraduate students across campus.

 Q: Can I appeal a decision on my application?

A: No. There is no appeal process. If you are unsatisfied with the program's decision, you may schedule an appointment with the program coordinators to talk about weaknesses or areas in your application that you can improve on.

 Q: I missed the deadline. Can I get an extension?

A: No. All application materials are due by the application deadline.

Q: I don't have a lab yet. Can I apply for BFP?

A: Yes. We understand that students are sometimes in the process of finding labs when they are applying for BFP. Having a lab already in place adds to your application and increases your chances of being selected. If you are selected for BFP, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to start in a lab by the beginning of the semester when your funding starts. If you are selected and are having trouble arranging a lab placement, the BFP faculty coordinator and program coordinators can assist you.

Q: I work in a lab off site (e.g. UCSF, Molecular Science Institute, CHORI, etc.). Can I apply for BFP?

A: Yes. The basic requirement for your research is that it has some biological component. Please check with the program coordinators if you are unsure about whether your lab is suitable. You must also be able to participate in the other events (workshops, symposium, etc.) held at UC Berkeley as outlined in the expectations below.


If you have a question that was not addressed above, please email our Research Coordinator, Sabriya Rosemond.