Karen Aguilar, Program and Data Assistant


Karen Aguilar, Program and Data Assistant

2075 Valley Life Sciences Building



I am a class of '12 Integrative Biology major and I am excited to be part of the Biology Scholars Program staff! I was born and half raised in Honduras and lived in SoCal before coming to UC Berkeley. Attending UCB had a big impact on me so I am happy to be back and work for the community that helped me grow personally and intellectually. I previously worked in the medical and dental device industry in San Jose and later at UCB Extension in the online final exams department.  I then transferred to the BSP and found an incredible community of students, staff and faculty. 

The last couple of years after college have given me invaluable knowledge both about myself and the world of work. Balancing college and everything else in life can be very stressful but remember we are here for you so do not hesitate to contact us!  Please feel free to stop by if you have questions or just want to talk, I'd be happy to share my experiences with you! 

Some of my favorite classes include human anatomy and osteology. In my free time I like to dance Argentine tango, stretch, read, hike, draw and paint. 

Go bears!


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